Welcome Coaches!

First off, we want to thank you for getting involved and influencing/progressing the quality of soccer in your area.  MYSA is dedicated to, not only educate & develop our players, but to give opportunities and resources to continue the growth of our coaches as well.  From the first time coach, to a seasoned veteran, this page is designed to assist you in your path to coach.   

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Meet Ric Plante

Montana Youth soccer provides it's member clubs the resources & opportunities to develop & improve the quality of their coaching staff.  Ric Plante is Montana youth soccer's Technical Director.  As TD, Ric & MYSA provide coaching clinics around the state.  Ric is also the Technical director of Montana's Olympic development Program.

Here's more on ric:

Ric joined MYSA in 1999. Prior to that he co-owned the Soccer Shop in Bozeman and coached for the local club. Ric started playing and coaching in the Bay Area until moving to Montana in 1994.

Ric has a USSF National A License along with a National Youth License. He is a member of the USYSA National Staff. 

When Ric isn't on the pitch coaching he can be found fly fishing or making Bamboo fly rods. Ric has two children and lives in Bozeman with his wife Marta.


Coaching Education

Coaching education is an essential part of providing an excellent experience for your players/team and developing them as soccer players.   Read More.....

Each year, MYSA hosts a series of E & D clinics around the state.  Beyond the D License you can continue on to the C, B, & A licenses. Below is a list of currently scheduled E & D coaching clinics, in Montana.

If you would like to bring a clinic to your club contact Ric Plante

2018 Scheduled Licensing Clinics

Coming soon.

How do I register?

Step 1: Fill out this form: Clinic Registration Form

Step 2:  Mail completed form to: 

Montana Youth Soccer c/o Ric Plante

5535 Love Lane

Bozeman, MT 59718

Step 3: 

If you have any questions, please contact Ric Plante, Director of Coaching for Montana Youth Soccer at 406.581.8606 or by e-mail at montanaodp@gmail.com

After registration form has been mailed in, you'll be receiving an email with the curriculum of the course and some details about that clinic.  


Professional Development


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