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1.    Who can attend MDP Identification weekends?

All players that fall within the offered age groups for that season. Eligible birthyears for the 2018-19 are 2002-2007.


2.    What forms do I need to fill out to participate in an Identification weekend?

A. Online Registration Form (completed at signup through GotSoccer)

B. Medical Release Form (completed at signup through GotSoccer)

C. Concussion Form (completed at signup through GotSoccer)


3.    How much is registration and what does it cover?

The non-refundable MDP Identification registration fee is $75. This fee will be due at the time online registration through GotSoccer is completed. Once the Identification weekends are complete, players will be named to the State Team or Pool Team. 

Players offered a spot on the State Team will be responsible for an additional $250 fee should they accept their invitation. 

The additional fee for players named to the Pool Team will only be $125.

These registration fees cover rental of facilities, coach’s fees and administrative costs. They do not cover the various events or camps the program may attend. 


4.    What are the benefits of participating in MDP?

A. Development as a player

B. The opportunity to train and play with the best players in one’s age group

C. Quality instruction from Nationally licensed coaches

D. Games against other State programs

E. Exposure to Regional and National team coaches

F. The opportunity to represent one’s State, Region, or Country in competition

G Exposure to college coaches


5.    How will MDP notify me if my player has made the State Team or Pool Team?

Emails will be sent to players and parents the week after the last scheduled Identification weekend.


6.    How many players will be named to the State Team?

This may vary by age and gender group. However, no State Team will exceed 20 players.


7.    Does my player have to attend all training sessions on an Identification weekend?

No. However, players are encouraged to do so. The more exposure your player has to MDP evaluators the better your player can be evaluated. Players may also attend more than one scheduled Identification weekend.


8.    What if my player wasn’t able to attend the first Identification weekend?

Additional dates and sites have been scheduled which may better fit your availability. Please see the MDP page of the MYSA website for details. 


9.    When will the State Teams and Pool Teams be named?

MDP will wait to determine the placement of participating players after the conclusion of the last scheduled Identification weekend. 


10.  What time of the year does MDP run?

The MDP season begins in August and ends in July.


11.  If a player is selected when and where do they meet for training and games?

MDP’s goal is to host training twice a month for State Teams and once a month for Pool Teams. However, training during the spring club season (April–June) will be more limited.


12.  What other costs will there be for events and camps?

A. Camp cost as determined by the Far West Region

B. Event cost that will vary based on the event, travel distance, number of players attending, entry fees, lodging, etc. Costs for events will cover everything with the exception of the players food and airline tickets (if necessary) 


13.  How do I determine what event I should attend when there is a soccer conflict?

See MYSA Policy 4-900 for the conflict formula.