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Montana Development Program

Montana Youth Soccer has revamped its Development Program which will debut in the 2018/19 season. The Montana Development Program (MDP) is expected to better suit the uniqueness of soccer in our state while maintaining focus on player and personal development.

A major new feature being introduced with the MDP is the creation of three (3) regions across the state (East, Central and West). Identification (ID) weekends and certain training weekends will be held regionally in an effort to keep players and families closer to home. Below is a map outlining each region.

The MDP will offer the same standard age groups previously offered by ODP. Eligible birth years for the 2018/19 season will be 2002 through 2007. At the conclusion of the ID process, players will be named to the State Team or Training Pool. 

Players that are offered and accept a position on the State Team will have the opportunity to attend all US Youth Soccer ODP events as designated by the Program Director.

MDP Map.png

Players not named to the State Team will have the option to remain involved with the MDP as members of the Training Pool. MYSA will seek to send interested Training Pool players to an event or tournament over the course of the season.

It will be the goal of the MDP for State Team players to train twice a month. One training session would be held in a single location for all State Teams to come together as full squads. This will be called a State Team Training Weekend.

The second training session for State Team players would be held regionally and will include Training Pool players. This will be called a Regional Training Weekend.

The MDP is thrilled to offer Training Pool players the opportunity to remain active with the MDP if they choose. Regional Training Weekends will provide them high-level training they may not otherwise receive, and the ability to be instructed by top coaches from across the state. MYSA believes all players committed to improving should have access to the MDP.