Referees are an essential part to our organization and every club in the state.  Without these individuals stepping up to ensure a safe, fun, and developmentally friendly game, our youth players would not have a healthy experience.

If you you want to truly impact the game in our state...become a referee.  


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Video Guide to Recertification for 2019



Already a referee?  First off....thank you!  

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Questions about the referee world?

Contact MYSA's SYRA

Scott Brown:


Referee Resources


MYSA Referee Game Fees:


U11-U12 Center: 30 AR:15

U13-U14 Center 35 AR:20

U15-U16 Center 40 AR:25

U17-U19 Center 45 AR:25


Each team is responsible for paying half the referee game fee.  Clubs hosting games disperse the referee payment for the teams to the officials.  Clubs get reimbursed by the teams at the end of the season for paying the referees.